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Bill Bagnall is the owner and artisan behind William's Joinery Ltd in Whistler, BC. He and his partner were managing their own website for a number of years, but felt they needed more "pizzazz" and help with search engine optimization (SEO). Bill has spent over 40 years building his business and in that time he has created beautiful work, featured in many award winning homes in the Sea to Sky corridor. However, he noticed that companies with less experience were dominating the search results on Google. He recognized that it was time to invest in branding, SEO and an updated website featuring his masterful work. 


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Photography was a key element in this project. William's Joinery has worked on hundreds of homes over the years and had the foresight to photograph work on site, before  occupancy.  Bill was also able to borrow and buy images from partners and organizations, who also sent professional photographers onsite after occupancy and staging. This saved a lot of time and resources. The biggest challenge we faced was curating the overwhelming number of images available to us. The results: A modern and crisp website, featuring stunning galleries of custom cabinetry created by William's Joinery.

William's Joinery Ltd 

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Logo Design was a hot topic. Being located in a ski town like Whistler means that the market was already flooded with images if mountains, trees and peaks. We looked into using mountain imagery at the time, but ultimately Bill and his partner went for a cleaner and more masculine design featuring the brand's initials in between two brackets. 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often overlooked by well established smaller businesses. These businesses have relied on word of mouth advertising for years and have the reputations to back them up.  Thus they have never needed to advertise. William's Joinery definitely benefitted from an older way of doing business, but recognized that times have changed and chose to utilize the powers of SEO. His years of hard work and solid reputation gave him a great foundation to jump off from. We launched his SEO rich website at the same time as a press release in The Pique, which gave a nice boost to the website traffic at the time.


Having an expert implement an SEO strategy can be cheap and when done right, it can deliver the correct customers to your webpage and drive business. Maintaining SEO can be done with a very inexpensive subscription and ultimately pays for its self.  In Bill's case, William's Joinery wasn't showing on Google's search results for "Whistler Cabinet Makers"  until page 3.  With the help of Big Mountain Consulting's SEO work, William's Joinery is ranked as the number one cabinet maker in Whistler on Google  and the business has maintained that position for 1 year. 

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